Ready, Set, Wax

Springtime is finally here – cherry blossoms, bright green leaves, chirping birds – and before you know it, swimsuit season will be knocking at the front door. Make sure you’re ready to strip off those many layers of winter clothing by getting into a good waxing routine. Ideally you would have been keeping up with … Read More “Ready, Set, Wax”

Relax To Look Your Best

You know that old saying that true beauty comes from within? While your grandmother may have had more esoteric ideas in mind when she said it, as it turns out she was also onto something much more science-based. When your body is functioning properly you look better, and not just because you feel better. Wellness … Read More “Relax To Look Your Best”

Get It Smooth And Get It Quick

There are times when you can take a leisurely approach to things, like browsing through the farmer’s market or strolling in the park. And there are times when you just don’t have that luxury, like when you get last minute notice about an important event and your hair looks like you’ve just taken your finger … Read More “Get It Smooth And Get It Quick”

Get Those Nails Ready For Spring

This winter was one for the record books here in the Northwest – record cold and rain and snow that just never seemed to end. As we slowly but surely edge into warmer, drier weather it’s time to get those winter weary hands ready for some springtime celebrating. If your nails are looking somewhat worse … Read More “Get Those Nails Ready For Spring”

Be In The Know – Hair Extensions

We’re just coming off this year’s red carpet season, and you’re probably still wondering how all of those celebrities get and keep such great hair. Just as with most things in Hollywood and on Broadway, there’s often a bit of magic involved. In this case, more often than not, that magic involves hair extensions. Extensions … Read More “Be In The Know – Hair Extensions”

Get Your Glow On

It’s been a long, grey winter, but believe it or not spring is just around the corner. The days will grow longer, the rain (and snow!) will taper off, and soon you’ll be wearing your happy face. That means now is the perfect time to make that happy face glow even brighter by getting into … Read More “Get Your Glow On”

Stylin’ For Spring

In our last blog we took a look at the new hair colors, and their corresponding lingo, coming your way this spring. This time we’re gazing into our hairstyle crystal ball to speculate about the styling trends that we’ll most likely be seeing this year, too. Here’s a hint – it’s all about being natural. … Read More “Stylin’ For Spring”

New Color, New Lingo

It’s a new year, and a new season is on its way. Time to get ready for it with a new hair color…or two, or three. This year the trending hair colors seem to be reminiscent of a remix. It’s the same but different, amped up, and more trendy. And part of that trend will … Read More “New Color, New Lingo”

Wax Now And Be Ready

Here you are, wrapped up in layer upon layer of clothing to fend off the cold, and we’re talking about waxing your unwanted body hair. You’re probably thinking that your skin is not likely to see the light of day for some time yet, but that’s why now is the perfect time to begin, or … Read More “Wax Now And Be Ready”

Caring For Winter Nails

Mother Nature has really surprised us so far this winter – it’s been one for the record books all across the Northwest. And while some of us may enjoy getting out to play in the cold weather, all of us are facing another TLC situation, this time with our nails. Winter is hard on us … Read More “Caring For Winter Nails”